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Air Mounts

Custom Air Mounts

AVMR offer a range of standard air mounts and custom air mounts manufactured to specification. Sometimes an air mount is the only real option. Vibrationally speaking, there is little that can isolate vibration as effectively as an air mount, which is why so many high-end vehicles will use air suspension for the smoothest of rides. In addition, air mounts can allow a large range of movement, but also use self-levelling technology to quickly adjust air pressures and to quickly return a load to a level position.

If a load has to be level, but the mass and the location of the centre of gravity can change, then having a mount which can react and adjust might be just what you are after. An air mount can do this.

  • Off the shelf
  • Trusted by high end brands
  • Range of options
  • Enquire for bespoke
  • Highly effective
Air Mounts

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