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Rubber Bonding

Rubber Bonded Products

Further to the information on Rubber Moulding

Rubber bonding is a core part of our business since it started, back in 1984.  Metal-to-Rubber bonded represent 80% of all items we manufacture, however we also work on plastic substrate materials.

Precision masking of substrates can be difficult, especially for contoured or 3-dimensional rubber bonded products with defined edges to a bond which need to be clean of rubber.  At AVMR we use a range of rubber bonding techniques and technologies to ensure a precision result is delivered.

We have invested so you don’t have to; cost effective and efficient production is at our core.  Our dedicated ‘substrate preparation’ cell within our UK-based factory is efficient, and our machines can notably reduce the time required to mould bonded products.

Quality is at the core of everything we do.  Additional moulding challenges can be induced with bonded products, we have therefore built the expertise, testing experience and asset base to overcome these challenges.  We are also ISO9001 certified.

Rubber Moulding

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