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Sweat the Small Stuff

How AVMR is more agile, more adaptable and the perfect partner for your next challenge. At AVMR we like to focus on the small things: The finer details of our products that guarantee big success in the bigger picture. Each…

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Bonded Rubber

Our Word is our Bond

Step aside super glue. AVMR take sticky to the next level. It’s hard, it’s complex and there’s no wonder that many large-scale manufacturers are working hard to engineer it out of their products: bonding rubber to metal effectively – in…

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AVMR and the Secrets of the Deep

Hardwiring the world for a bright future and a better internet. Our work with anti-vibration is, of course, well known. Machinery inevitably requires measures to boost production and reduce wear and tear. Similarly, transport requires the surface of the road…

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New Bobbins

Absolute Bobbins

Get the inside story on AVMR’s bobbins. Because appearances can be deceptive… Bobbins? A thread with a blob of rubber in the middle? Think again. It’s this simple construction – the bonding of rubber to metal in a compact and…

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When Push Comes to Shove

Use the wrong type of damping and you’re just making matters worse… In the war against vibration it’s often tempting to head for the most obvious solution. Springs or bobbins for example, may appear interchangeable and – once proven capable…

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Steady as She Goes

AVMR goes to the movies and discovers who killed shaky-cam… Video is exploding all around us. News TV features on the spot reports, often shot on a phone by the reporters themselves, where previously a phone call and still would…

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Dancefloor Damping

Dancefloor Damping

Because the bouncers at AVMR don’t want any trouble. Right? Did you know that designated dancefloors have been lightly sprung since the days of the 1920’s flapper? There are many ways of going about this but the general gist has…

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Making Rubber

How we Stop Vibration

Understanding the delicate balancing act between isolation and damping Vibration can be the enemy of a process in all kinds of ways and we at AVMR have a single goal – to control vibration where it occurs. To do this…

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