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Bobbins & Sandwiches

Let’s get back to basics and take a look at the most common mount We’ve mentioned previously that the heart of what we do at AVMR comes down to the intimate understanding and deployment of 21 different product types. We’ll…

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Anti Vibration

When the Going Gets Tough

Calling in the big guns of the anti-vibration arsenal Much of the work we do at AVMR concerns itself with matching a vibration related problem to the right kind of material and application to stop it in its tracks. Our…

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Getting Rubber Right

Rubber compounds vary, so do operating environments. Why hope that a conveniently available option will work, when you can be confident that a tailored option will? It’s a fact that every creation is secretly only as good as the sum…

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A Guide on Bushing Designs

At AVMR we have spoken to experienced suspension designers who have shown frustration at the design compromises they have had to make when using bushings. However, it’s apparent there is often a lack of awareness regarding the readily available design…

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