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Choosing a simple Anti-Vibration Mount? Introduction

Written by Daniel Lawes


This introductory guide is designed to help and inform people looking for solutions to vibration challenges.  It does not make the reader an expert or, in anyway, make AVMR (us) responsible for any shortfalls in product selection, or any damage caused as a result.

There are two parts to selecting a vibration absorbing mount.

  1. The first part is to ensure it will absorb the vibration you need it to.
  2. The second part it to ensure it can and will be anchored appropriately.

This article intends to only focus on the first of these two areas, as that is where most challenges sit.

We are talking about structural vibration here, not airborne (noise).  Whilst there is a strong connection, this article is aimed at people trying to reduce the vibration caused by pumps, generators, air conditioning units etc.  These are items which vibrate, either by design or as a natural side-effect of their operation.


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  1. Basic Principles of Vibration Management
  2. Static Deflection
  3. Load
  4. Mount Selection

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