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AVMR are adept and proud to work in medical applications requiring next-level precision for an even more delicate hold.


AVMR are adept and proud to work in medical applications requiring next-level precision for an even more delicate hold.

Design . Manufacture . Distribute

We work with some of the world’s best small producers – companies where quality of work and precision means more than big numbers and high production runs.

Medical pumps in medical equipment are small, lightweight and have to be silently mounted with the minimum of vibration to avoid disturbing a sleeping patient. Similarly, tiny circuit board mounts keep complex and delicate electronics separate from the movement of outer casings in emergency scenarios where they need to work first time, every time. We make over 50,000 tiny anti-vibration mounts per year, each tailored to their application made possible by our analysis, design and manufacturing experience.

And AVMR are able to tailor-make and supply unique parts in smaller production numbers, giving you the power to innovate more regularly, stay agile, get the parts you need faster and have less resources tied up in costly inventory. We have total control of manufacturing for product consistency. We appreciate the tight controls required for this market, and we play by the rules.

Medical Pump

Benefits of working with AVMR

Where world class precision meets a passion for innovation. When only the best will do.

  • Highly skilled in producing delicate parts
  • Rapid prototyping and tooling
  • Reliable and dependable products
  • Consistent performance guaranteed
  • Aligned with market regulations
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Our large heavy-duty AV mounts can handle cone crushers, conveyor belts and more and our ability to mould different types of rubber with different properties into infinite shapes and sizes mean that we can make the perfect pad or mat for your needs. Our conveyor belt covers are strong but have a high level of shock absorption allowing materials to be dropped onto them for speed and ease.

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Rail & More

Working in rail demands not only precision but the ability to design and produce some of the most extreme components around. Our heavy-duty bushings, pads, suspension elements and bobbin and plate mounts for rail use are the perfect meeting of brains and brawn. And heavy-duty components require precise engineering that belies their bulk.

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