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We can create bespoke and heavy duty AV mounts that handle whatever you throw at them.


We can create bespoke and heavy duty AV mounts that handle whatever you throw at them.

Design . Manufacture . Distribute

If you’ve got a tough job that requires a big solution then we’ve the knowhow to deliver

Our ability to mould different types of rubber with different properties into infinite shapes and sizes mean that we can make the perfect pad or mat for your needs. We have made parts for the structure of conveyer belts, allowing for shock absorption, so materials could be dropped onto them for speed and ease.

At at AVMR we use every technique in the anti-vibration arsenal to deliver the long-lasting, cost-effective solution you need.

Benefits of working with AVMR

No job too tough. No challenge too big. We’re ready with the perfect solution, built specifically for you.

  • We can produce heavy-duty components
  • Our experts can design something new
  • Proven global track record of delivery
  • Proven long-lasting, premium quality
  • Easy to deploy in the field
  • Simple to service and replace
  • Long lasting & robust products
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Our rubber products will absorb the shock in a driveshaft during start up and take care of the ongoing vibration. Our suspension products will smooth the ride for vehicles of any size over any terrain. From design to manufacture and delivery, we’re a next-level, full-service operation.

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Sub sea

Sub Sea

AVMR are working below the waves to hard-wire the world for a better internet and a brighter, more efficient tomorrow. We have the technology to help global technology giants perfectly place the next generation of internet cables, literally connecting continents to provide ever faster data transfer and communications.

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