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AVMR are long term suppliers of bushings for Garia Luxry Cars

Garia is a Denmark based manufacturer of luxury electric cars, serving a discerning international client base, primarily in the golf & leisure sector. With five models of car, with the highest specifications and optional extras such as in-car refrigerators, the company has a reputation for premium quality vehicles for this specialist target market. Servicing high-end clients, reliability of the supply chain and quality of parts is of paramount importance.

Garia chose us because of our bushing manufacturing ability. We supply them with different sizes of ‘double bonded bushing.

Daniel Lawes

Managing Director, AVMR

What the client said

I am working with AVMR on new bushings for the suspension on our utility vehicle. The bushings need to be stronger due to an upgrade of the vehicle’s length and load capacity. The relationship with AVMR is very good and my contact at AVMR is very polite and helpful and quick to reply to my questions. They have developed the best solution of bushings for our vehicle. They have developed a new bushing that is stronger and can fit both the front and rear suspension. This is better and easier to handle for our supplier of the suspension parts. We have never had any problems with the bushings, so the products are high quality.

Brian Monster Kristensen

Engineer, Garia

Chosen for Engineering Ability

AVMR was nominated as a supplier by Valmet Automotive which had the responsibility for sourcing suitable engineering companies for partnership from an international field. Designs of bushings were supplied to AVMR who manufactured the parts precisely to the specifications required. Today AVMR acts as a second tier supplier as all the bushings are installed by the suppliers of Garia’s suspension linkages.

Consistent Quality and Positive Relationship

AVMR began working with Garia in 2009 and produces 10K units per year meeting orders every two to three months. In addition to the luxury golf & leisure cars, AVMR are developing robust bushings for Garia’s utility vehicles. The bushings work for both the front and rear suspension which makes them more cost efficient.

Get in touch

If you would like to work with AVMR and discover your perfect anti-vibration solution then don’t hesitate to get in touch. A rapid response is guaranteed. Thank you.

Tel: +44 (0)1985 219032


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