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Rubber Moulding

Here to help develop & deliver your Product with decades of experience.

“Why didn’t we find you 20 years ago” – Director of a global brand & customer, 2020.

Do you need a little help, or someone to own the project?  We offer advice, design, prototyping and manufacturing services.  Alternatively, let us look after the challenge for you.

AVMR’s team are qualified engineers, we work with everyone from ‘one-person bands’ to Global brands and  on micro-mouldings to 100kg products, from one-offs to production volumes, Rubber (and other Elastomer) development to off-the-shelf compounds, bonded or unbonded.

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Rubber Moulding

Our Skills and Capabilities

  • Full design, delivery & testing capabilities
  • Precision rubber, silicone & PU moulding
  • Rapid design and tooling iterations
  • Elastomer Engineering
  • Rubber compound development
  • Some of the UK’s most advanced machinery
  • Dedicated substrate preparation
  • Micro mouldings to 100kg
  • Bonded and unbonded rubber
  • PPAP L3 and other standards
  • Vibration absorption expertise
  • Fluent with British & European standards
  • Wide range of rubber hardnesses & stock incl:
    • Natural rubber
    • EPDM rubber
    • Viton rubber (FKM)
    • Neoprene rubber
    • Nitrile rubber

Need something bespoke that doesn’t cost the earth?

Customers regularly comment on how cost effective we are compared to the competition – especially for bespoke products.

Our expertise allows us to manufacture products using lower cost processes than most competitors, but we have also spent years developing UK & global supply chains and invest in the right assets.

We mould elastomeric compounds – bonded or unbonded.  We help you avoid minimum order quantities by stocking a wide range of compounds incl. natural rubber, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton (FKM).

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You’ll find our rubberised trackpads protecting surfaces and allowing smooth movement of vehicles, cables and pipework, all over the world.

We supply a number of customers with low to high volumes of trackpads, or haul-off pads (which have a number of similarities, but are used in the extrusion industry)

  • Versatile – able to design & manufacture a wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Rapid development cycles – design to delivery
  • Testing – highly capable in house and partner-based testing capabilities
  • Your reliable partner – see our case studies for an example trackpad project.
  • Flexibility – we offer a range of commercial arrangements to fit your needs.
rubber feet and bump stop

Simple in construction and easily placed, feet and bump stops are the most day-to-day of all anti-vibration components. They’re most commonly the first port of call in lighter-duty, more household problems quickly and easily separating a vibrating product from a domestic environment. Simple examples include the feet of a washing machine or stops at the end of a patio door run – here to make living alongside machinery that little bit more comfortable. Alternatively, larger versions help protect building fabric from impact from larger tracked machinery.

  • Simple to design. And affordable
  • Able to exhibit a limitless range of absorption characteristics
  • Can be made to practically any size
  • Many off-the-shelf ready options
Pedestal mounts

Pedestal mounts are generally used for heavier duty applications than bobbin mounts. Or applications where the mount is bolted to a solid surface such as a floor. These mounts normally have a flat plate at one end, with multiple fixing points (typically through holes) and a single central fixing point at the other end, which could be male or female. Typical variables for these products include fixture details, rubber dimensions, and rubber hardness. As ever we have many off-the-shelf options ready to go, or we can create the perfect product just for you.

  • Stronger and ready for heavy duty work
  • Wide range of uses
  • Adaptable mounting options
  • Easily tailored to your needs

Our ability to mould different types of rubber with different properties in infinite shapes and sizes mean that we can make the perfect pad or mat for your needs. Our conveyor belt covers are strong but have a high level of shock absorption, allowing materials to be dropped onto them for speed and ease. And our haul-off pads team strength with accuracy of profile, perfectly moving in sync with an extrusion process – such as in the manufacture of UPVC frames – to maximise contact and grip to reduce friction.

  • Hard or soft, large or small, we can deliver
  • Huge range of in-stock rubber ready to go
  • Our experience means we can find your solution fast
  • Premium, hard wearing quality
Track Covers

AVMR’s rubberised trackpads and track covers mean that even the heaviest of machines can sit pretty with the most commonplace of surfaces. Our unique track ‘shoes’ formed from a bespoke rubber formulation give caterpillar tracks the traction they require with a greatly reduced level of impact. Essential for co-existing with normal traffic on standard roads and all instances where chewing up the landscape isn’t permitted.

  • Big or small we can make the perfect product for you
  • Get the exact right amount of cushioning…
  • With the hard wearing surface you need
  • Easily deployed and replaced

Bonding metal and rubber is for rugged components is hard. So hard that our competitors will take shortcuts or engineer the process out of their solutions altogether. At AVMR we’re experts at bonding and moulding and use every technique in the anti-vibration arsenal to deliver the long-lasting, cost-effective solution you need. Our conveyor belt blades for example, combine metal tips (when required) for strength and long-lasting durability with rubber mounts for flexibility. The junction is seamless and strong.

  • When only the best is good enough…
  • Cutting edge techniques
  • Unbeatable precision
  • Call us for case studies and more

Our services

From design to manufacture and distribution, AVMR have the experience, skills and technology to deliver quality solutions at speed. Our skilled experts have the highest standards and our machinery is fast and state of the art. Deploy an AVMR solution with confidence, by experts who care.

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