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Transport of Scientific Equipment

AVMR: Helping to moving some of the world’s most delicate components and machines to new homes all around the globe.

Transport of Scientific Equipment

AVMR move some of the world’s most delicate components and machines to their final destinations, all around the globe.

Design . Manufacture . Distribute

It’s a simple fact that equipment will always be built hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from its final home. Get it there in one piece without needing calibration.

Understanding the difference between isolating vibration and isolating shock is fundamental to our transportation work. We can produce a system that perfectly combines the two to keep your delicate components intact and working perfectly.

Our transport mounts detach your equipment from the realities of road, rail and air freight meaning they arrive with your customers in perfect shape, ready for minimal assembly and calibration.

Scientific Equipment

Benefits of working with AVMR

With cutting-edge data analysis and global experience on hand, we’re ready to take on your next transportation task.

  • Powered by data and experience
  • No job too small or too large
  • Ready to provide something completely bespoke
  • Arrive not just intact, but ready for use
  • Global delivery no problem
  • Talk to us and find out how we can help
  • Library of input vibration data
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General Industrial

Pumps, generators, compressors, air conditioning and more. We’ll help you find the fast track to reliable service in the field while minimising visibility and intrusion. And if you’re maintaining a machine on a mount, we can supply perfect like-for-like replacements.

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Sub sea

Sub Sea

AVMR are working below the waves to hard-wire the world for a better internet and a brighter, more efficient tomorrow. We have the technology to help global technology giants perfectly place the next generation of internet cables, literally connecting continents to provide ever faster data transfer and communications.

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