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Vibration and Shock Management

Let us help you.  We analyse, design, test and deliver at pace.

…We also have a large range of off-the-shelf products.

Details matter, and you need a partner who cares about your project as much as you do.  At AVMR we understand the challenges and pressures that are often faced.

Whether we source or manufacture, our knowledge and our analysis will ensure we find the right answers faster. We iterate tooling and products quickly to get the right products to market sooner.

Vibration and Shock Management Springs

Examples of Products we Manufacture and Source

  • Bobbin Mounts
  • Pedestal Mounts
  • Plate Mounts
  • Bolt Through Isolators & Elastic Washers
  • Failsafe Mounts
  • Low Frequency Mounts
  • Shear Mounts
  • Sandwich Mounts
  • Spring Mounts
  • Suspension Mounts
  • Wire Rope Mounts
  • Suspended Load Mounts

Need something bespoke that doesn’t cost the earth?

It is rare that a solution cannot be found using standard products.  By understanding the problem, we regularly configure established products in a way which solves the problem.

However, if a new product is required, we are well placed to help understand the requirements and then to design and deliver the right product.

Request a consultation, and see if we can help you.

Request a consultation

Typical vibration absorption products

Our services

With 35 years of experience, AVMR know what works. We have the know-how to diagnose your problems faster and deliver a better solution. From design to manufacture and distribution, AVMR have the experience, skills and technology to deliver with speed and simplicity. Our experts will find and deploy the solution you need.

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